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If any of you are Paleo, or thinking about going Paleo, this is pretty handy. Remember, eating well for your health should be a lifestyle, not a short, means to an end! Share with friends & family! 


If any of you are Paleo, or thinking about going Paleo, this is pretty handy. Remember, eating well for your health should be a lifestyle, not a short, means to an end! Share with friends & family! 

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Text 26 Feb Trinbago

This weekend marked my first of what I hope to be many trips to Tobago. Such a beautiful island. I don’t think I’ve ever seen water so blue before. Such an open and friendly culture. The constant music - I think it’ll be a while before I ever get sick of soca or steel pan - smell of the of the ocean, and a beautiful breeze in your hair. It’s an amazing place to get away. Staying in Buccoo point, a small fishing village, I felt safer than I have in Trinidad, which is nice, albeit having my wallet stolen was less fun. Note, don’t leave the balcony door open even if your friend is sleeping on the couch right next to it! I wish I was more comfortable with the slow pace of everything, I always feel like I’m trying to speed things up - I know I’m not the only one who gets frustrated when walking and caught behind a group of slow people. Nonetheless, absolutely fantastic.
Food stalls all over the place, various glass bottom boats to go on, hang out in “no man’s land”, and every Sunday a party referred to as ‘Sunday School’ - with not even a little bit of a religious aspect. Starting with some steelpan earlier in the evening, ending with some soca, calypso, and dancehall. Can’t wait to go back for Easter and see some goat racing. Yes, that’s right. Goat racing.

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Great tune, and you’ll see yours truly in it.

Text 11 Feb Are you ready for the road?

This morning we sure as hell were! 2am, Port of Spain, U-glow band. Dancing, glowing, drinks, paint, etc. Partying through the streets til ten am! 

And this is only the beginning. J’ouvert morning, and two full days of carnival left. This past week has been crazy fetes and good times. I’ve never gone out so many times in my life, or til how late. Often not getting home til 5 or 6 am. Shenanigans! but I’m loving it. 

After my first shower of today, I think I’m stuck with looking like a martian for a while, but for now, bed time. More craziness to come.

Text 30 Jan What is a comfort zone?

I need to start remembering more basic things whilst I travel. I AM NOT IN CANADA ANYMORE! Here, the first floor and ground floor are not the same thing. Living in room 407, is on the fourth floor, but it is called the third floor. Getting into the elevator and seeing no number four I was all like whaaaaat?! I need to look in the opposite direction of what I’m used to when crossing the street, customer service people here aren’t annoyingly on you asking what kind of help you need, in fact they barely exist, which can be equally as frustrating. Places aren’t open from Monday-Friday 9-5. My goal is to expand my bubble, but really I think I need to pop it. I must have no bubble at all. What is a comfort zone? I need to leave mine, embrace the heat, face the music. All that this loud colourful country has to offer. All whilst doing my school work and attempting to pass my classes and such. And of course, leaving some time to lime.

Text 29 Jan la gente esta muy loca.

Lying here in ridiculous heat, while the rest of the majority of the people I know are looking at snow covered windows. Having what is probably one of the least productive days (or one of many of my least productive days), spending most of it play sims3 and watching episode after episode of californication. I’m too lazy and too sunburnt to get my ass out of bed, missing class again, despite the odd importance of attendance here. 

I’ve heard that half of life is just showing up. And I’m starting to believe that. Though I enjoy my television and my simulation game as much as the rest of them, I feel like I’m missing out - I’m not sure as to what, but I know there’s something. Here I am in Trinidad thinking yeah, I’ve only been here for not even two weeks, with still about four months to go “I have tons of time to do what I want to do, see what I want to see” - but how do I want to know what I want to do, or see, if I don’t go out and do SOMETHING, see SOMETHING. 

So here’s the beginning of the adventure, I may be a lazy traveller but I’m hoping that will change soon enough. Twelve days here so far, enrolled and registered at UWI, went to my first week of classes - quite different from what I’m used to. Attendance counts, finals have a much heavier weighting and I can barely understand what one of my professors are saying so I actually have to pay attention.

Downtime spent in my room mainly, not the most exciting of tales but that’s likely where the most hours have racked up. Beyond that on a more exciting note, visited the beautiful Maracas beach (and that being the cause of my sunburn), tried the infamous bake n shark - and I’m sorry, but I’m just not a fan. Though I’m assuming those that actually enjoy seafood would quite like it. Also on the note of Trini food, doubles are a decent cheap snack, though I like the very similar ‘Aloo-pie’ better.  The local fruits and veggies in the market and stalls throughout are always quite the treat. Everything seem sweeter here, and the music louder, and the booze stronger. It’s certainly an interesting place, whether I’m walking home from the market to the sound of the steel pan band, or attempting to sleep to the sound of other student’s soca music blasting. Down the road at Trevor’s Edge with a group of foreigners who at the end of the night it is insisted on them walking you home because 2am Trinidad is apparently not-so-safe, even if it’s just five minutes down the road. Nonetheless, the place is beautiful - gorgeous views from the top of Mount St Benedict, everything is so beautiful. 

And here we are now, quarter to one, after having lovely conversations with the best friend, making me miss home. Though not so much home, but her, and how she visit. Watching more californication, catching up on this left behind blog, contemplating what will happen after this place, and the people in my life, and the various conflictions, and other wonderful things.

Overall, life’s a hot, beautiful, mess, and I love it. 
Livin’ la vida loca.

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I may be bat-shit crazy, but you’ll sure as hell remember me.

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